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CITY OF TUKWILA <br />EQUITY POLICY <br />2017 <br />I. BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW <br />The Mayor, Council, and staff of the City of Tukwila have a strong commitment to equity in city <br />government, and they desire that all residents, visitors and employees have the opportunity to <br />reach their full potential. Societal, environmental and legal factors, both historic and present-day, <br />have resulted in inequitable access to opportunities and services for some individuals and groups of <br />people. These include but are not limited to: <br />• Age <br />• Physical and/or Cognitive Disability <br />• Economic Status <br />• Gender <br />• Gender Identity <br />• National Origin/Language <br />• Race and/or Ethnicity <br />• Religion <br />• Sexual Orientation <br />The City of Tukwila values its rich diversity. The majority of people who live in Tukwila are people of <br />color, and 40% were born in a country other than the United States. More than 80 languages are <br />spoken in our schools, and 50% of Tukwila households speak a language other than English at home. <br />We benefit from friends and neighbors with different perspectives and cultures, the variety of <br />businesses owned by immigrants and refugees, and the community forged when we share foods <br />from around the world. <br />While we celebrate Tukwila, we recognize that many in our community do not have equitable access <br />to services, government, education, employment and other opportunities toward a better future. <br />More than 20% of our population does not have health insurance, and Tukwila's median household <br />income is 40% of King County's. 23% of Tukwila households live below the poverty line, and more <br />than 10% of students in the Tukwila School District currently experience homelessness. <br />We recognize the role that government can play in breaking down barriers to equitable access to <br />opportunities. The City's Strategic Plan, adopted in 2012, provides us the guideposts for our work <br />on behalf of our residents, businesses and guests, and emphasizes partnerships and collaboration. <br />One of the goals -- A Solid Foundation for All Tukwila Residents -- clearly calls for equitable access to <br />opportunity for Tukwila residents and serves as the foundation of this equity policy. <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />