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City of Tukwila <br />Washington <br />Cover page to Ordinance 2570 <br />The full text of the ordinance follows this cover page. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />TUKWILA, WASHINGTON, AMEN "DING ORDINANCE NOS. 1770 <br />§32 AND 11758 §1 (PART), AS CODIFIED IN MULTI LE <br />SECTIONS OF TUIWIILA MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTER 118.54„ <br />"TREE REGULATIONS," TO E'STA LISiH NEW REGULATIONS <br />RELATED TO UR AN (FOREST ''Y AND TREES; REPEALING <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2291, PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; AND <br />ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />Ordinance 2570 was amended or repealed by the <br />following ordinances. <br />Se <br />AMENDED <br />ion(s) Amended <br />A <br />ended by Ord # <br />3-7, 9, 12, 17, 20 <br />2625 <br />4, 14, 15 <br />2678 <br />REPEALED <br />Section(s) Repeal <br />Repealed by Ord # <br />