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AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TUKWILA, <br />WASHINGTON, ADDING, REPEALING AND AMENDING VARIOUS <br />DEFINITIONS AS CODIFIED IN TUKWILA MUNICIPAL CODE (TMC) <br />CHAPTER 18.06, "DEFINITIONS," AS IDENTIFIED HEREIN; AMENDING <br />AND RECODIFYING VARIOUS ORDINANCES AS CODIFIED IN <br />MULTIPLE SECTIONS OF TMC CHAPTER 18.52, "LANDSCAPE <br />REQUIREMENTS;" AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 2443 §25, AS <br />CODIFIED AT TMC SECTION 18.28.240.C; AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. <br />2570 §3, §4, §5, §6, §7, §9, §12, §17 AND §20, AND ORDINANCE NO. <br />1758 §1 (PART), AS CODIFIED AT MULTIPLE SECTIONS OF TMC <br />CHAPTER 18.54, "URBAN FORESTRY AND TREE REGULATIONS;" <br />AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 2518 §15 AND ORDINANCE NO. 1819 §1 <br />(PART), AS CODIFIED AT TMC SECTION 18.70.050; REPEALING <br />ORDINANCE NOS. 2175 AND 2077, AS CODIFIED AT TMC SECTION <br />18.70.050; REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 2301, AS CODIFIED IN <br />MULTIPLE SECTIONS OF TMC CHAPTER 18.45, "ENVIRONMENTALLY <br />SENSITIVE AREAS;" REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 2368 §47, §48, §49 <br />AND §50, AS CODIFIED AT VARIOUS SECTIONS OF TMC CHAPTER <br />18.45 AS IDENTIFIED HEREIN; REENACTING TMC CHAPTER 18.45, <br />"ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE AREAS," TO AMEND AND <br />ESTABLISH NEW REGULATIONS RELATED TO CRITICAL AREAS; <br />PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY; AND ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE <br />DATE. <br />WHEREAS, the City of Tukwila adopted new regulations governing development on <br />sensitive areas and buffers in 2010 based on State Growth Management Act (GMA) <br />requirements to adopt development regulations that protect the functions of sensitive <br />areas, including wetlands, watercourse, fish and habitat conservation areas, and areas <br />of potential geological instability; and <br />WHEREAS, the City's critical area regulations should be consistent with the <br />Washington State Department of Ecology wetland classification system, which is based <br />on best available science; and <br />w:\Legislative Development\Critical Areas update 2-25-20 <br />MD:bjs Review and analysis by Barbara Saxton Page 1 of 87 <br />