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of T <br />Washington <br />kwila <br />Cover page to Ordinance 2627 <br />The full text of the ordinance follows this cover page. <br />AN ORDINANCE OP THE CITYCOUNCIL OF 'THE CITY OF <br />TUKWILA, WASHINGTON; REPEALING VARIOUS DEFINITIONS <br />AS CODIFIED IN TUKWILA, MUNICIPAL CODE (TMC} CHAPTER <br />18,06, IEfINITciN5w; REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 2346 AND <br />2545 §23; 1REENACTING TMC CHAPTER 18.44, "SHORELINE <br />OVERLAY," TO ESTABLISH NEW REGULATIONS RELATED TO <br />SHORELINE 1USES; AMENDING VARIOUS ORDINANCES AS <br />CODIFIED IN TMC SECTIONS 18,52,030, 113.60.050 AND <br />18,104.010 TO UPDATE ZONING REGULATIONS RELATED TO <br />SHORELINE USES, PROVIDING FOR SEV'ERABILITh% AND <br />ESTABLISHING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br />Ordinance 2627 was amended or repealed by the following <br />ordinances. <br />AMENDED <br />Section(s) Amended <br />Amended by Ord # <br />32 <br />2649 <br />30 <br />2661 <br />26 <br />2678 <br />REPEALED <br />Section(s) Repealed <br />Repealed by Ord # <br />