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CITY OF TUKWILA <br />PUBLIC SAFETY BOND <br />FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT COMMITTTEE <br />Report to the City Council <br />August 2018 <br />On behalf of my fellow members, I am pleased to present you with a 2018 mid -year Report of <br />the Public Safety Bond Financial Oversight Committee. Per the Charter adopted in Resolution <br />1892, our role is to review the allocation of bond proceeds and progress on achieving the <br />purposes of the Public Safety Bond and to report to the City Council semi-annually. <br />The Committee has met twice in 2018, first on April 19 and recently on August 6. Pursuant to <br />Ordinance 2509 and Resolution 1892, during these meetings the Committee reviewed status <br />and expenditure reports relating to the Public Safety Bond as approved by Tukwila voters at the <br />November 8, 2016 General Election. City staff also provided an overview of the Public Safety <br />Plan overall budget, schedule and status at each of our meetings. <br />The Oversight Committee has to date reviewed bond expenditures through July 31, 2018 and <br />finds that these expenditures are in compliance with the purposes of the Public Safety Bond. <br />Minutes of our 2018 meetings are attached to this report. <br />The Committee understands that our work will continue to intensify as Public Safety Plan <br />projects progress and we look forward to our continued relationship with the City Council. <br />Attachments: <br />Final April 19, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes <br />Draft August 6, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes <br />1 <br />