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June 2021 <br />On behalf of my fellow members, I am pleased to present you with the final Report of the <br />Public Safety Bond Financial Oversight Committee. Per the Charter adopted in Resolution 1892, <br />our role was to review the allocation of bond proceeds and progress on achieving the purposes <br />of the Public Safety Bond and to report to the City Council semi-annually. <br />Pursuant to Ordinance 2509 and Resolution 1892, this Committee has been meeting since 2017 <br />to review status and expenditure reports relating to the Public Safety Bond as approved by <br />Tukwila voters at the November 8, 2016 General Election. <br />Our Committee met on March 2, 2021 and had the opportunity to hear directly from the Police <br />Chief, Fire Chief and Municipal Court Judge on the new facilities funded by the Public Safety <br />Bond. We also reviewed budget status and expenditure reports to date. We learned during this <br />meeting that all bond proceeds have been expended. Per the amended Charter adopted by the <br />City Council in Resolution 2020, this means that our work as a Committee is complete and this <br />will be our final Report. <br />The Oversight Committee has to date reviewed bond expenditures through February 2021 and <br />finds that these expenditures are in compliance with the purposes of the Public Safety Bond. <br />The Committee is grateful for this unique opportunity to support our community and we have <br />appreciated the City Council's support in our work. We would also like to extend a big thank <br />you to all of the City staff in the Public Works and Accounting groups for making ourjobs easier <br />along the way, and especially to Laurel Humphrey for her work in making the committee <br />process run smoothly and effectively. <br />Andy Reiswig, Jovita McConnell, Sean Goode, Randy Coplen, Jessica Jerwa <br />Attachments: March 2, 2021 Committee Minutes & Draft April 21, 2021 Committee Minutes <br />ti� <br />