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COUNCIL AGENDA SYNOPSIS <br />Initials <br />Meeting Date <br />Prepared 6:), <br />Ma Or',1 review <br />Council review <br />06/24/19 <br />MD <br />' <br />Ftt I+ <br />08/12/19 <br />MD <br />08 9/19 <br />MD <br />ITEFi <br />NFORMATION <br />ITEM No. <br />3 & 4.A. <br />STAFF SPONSOR: JACK PACE <br />ORIGINAL AGENDA DATE: 6/24/19 <br />AGENDA ITEM Trill_ Periodic Update of the Shoreline Master Program and Regulations <br />C \TI,GORY D1,1CleSS1011 <br />6/24/19 <br />E Motion <br />1lItg Date <br />[I] Resolution <br />Mfg Date <br />Ej Ordinance <br />Mfg Date <br />E Bid Award <br />Mt, Date <br />11 Public Hearing <br />E Other <br />Mtg Date <br />illtg Date <br />AN Date 6/24/19 <br />SPONSOR CONY1C7/ llayOr EHR II D CD Elinante JFzn E TS FjP&R EPolue <br />flPIF Court <br />SPONSOR'S The City and Washington Department of Ecology are conducting a joint review process for <br />summ,\Ry the mandated periodic update of Tukwila's Shoreline Master Program and implementing <br />regulations. The PC has forwarded a recommended draft of the changes to Council. The <br />Council is being asked to hold a public hearing on the recommendations, review any <br />additional public comments, give staff direction on further changes and adopt new <br />ordinances. <br />RI;vii;WI'D BY El C.O.W. Mtg <br />E1 Trans &Infrastructure <br />DATE: 2/12/19, <br />W, CDN Comm <br />E Finance Comm. El Public Safety Comm. <br />El Parks Comm. Elli Planning Comm. <br />COMMInEE CFIAIR: QUINN <br />fl Arts Comm. <br />6/11/19 <br />RECOMMENDATIONS <br />SPoNsoit/ADmiN <br />COMMITTEE <br />Department of Community Development <br />Unanimous Approval; Forward to Committee of the Whole <br />COST IMPACT / FUND SOURCE <br />ExIINirIuRi Ri,QUIRFI) AMOUNT BUDGETED APPROPRIATION REQUIRED <br />$24,750 $4,750 $ <br />Fund Source: DOE GRANT $20,000, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES BUDGET <br />Comments: <br />MTG. DATE <br />RECORD OF COUNCIL ACTION <br />6/24/19 <br />MTG. DATE <br />ATTACHMENTS <br />6/24/19 <br />Informational Memorandum dated 6/11/19 <br />Minutes from the Community Affairs and Parks Committee meeting of 6 19 <br />*Please Bring Binder Distributed Separately* <br />1 <br />