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COUNCIL AGENDA SYNOPSIS <br />Meeting Date <br />Prepared by <br />M, or. review <br />Council review <br />6/24/19 <br />CO <br />ITEM INFORMATION <br />ITEM NO, <br />4.B. <br />S"I'.1IiI; SPONSOR: BRUCE LINTON <br />OR IC INAI. AGENDA DAI'L:: 6/24/19 <br />AC ND, ITEM TITLEJuly 4 Fireworks Enforcement Strategy <br />CATI;GOR ' /1 Discuthon <br />6/24/19 <br />❑ Motion <br />A4tg Date <br />❑ Resolution <br />Altg.Date <br />❑ Ordinance <br />Mtg Date <br />E Bid Award <br />Mtg Date <br />E Public Hearing <br />Date <br />❑ Other <br />Altg Date <br />Mtg Date <br />SPONSOR CCounci/ ❑Mayor HR ❑DCD ❑Finance IL4Fire ❑TS ❑PAR ►1 <br />Police DPI ' ❑Court <br />SPONSOR'S An update to the Council on the July 4 Fireworks Enforcement Strategy <br />SUMMARY <br />REVIEWED BY ❑ C.O.W. Itg. C CDN Comm D Finance Comm. <br />0 Trans &Infrastructure ❑ Arts Comm. ❑ Parks Comm. <br />DATE: 6/17/19 COMMITTEE CHAIR: ROBERTSON <br />►1 Public Safety Comm. <br />❑ Planning Comm. <br />RECOMMENDATIONS: <br />SPONSOR/ ADMAN. <br />CoMMITri <br />Tukwila Police and Fire Departments <br />EE Unanimous Approval; Forward to Committee of the Whole <br />COST IMPACT / FUND SOURCE <br />EXPENDITURE REQUIRED AMOUNT BUDGETED APPROPRIATION REQUIRED <br />$ $ <br />Fund Source: <br />Comments: <br />MTG. DATE <br />RECORD OF COUNCIL ACTION <br />MTG. DATE <br />ATTACHMENTS <br />6/24/19 <br />Informational Memorandum dated 6/12/19, plus attachments <br />Minutes from the Public Safety Corn. of 6/17/19 <br />35 <br />