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COUNCIL AGENDA SYNOPSIS <br />Initials <br />MeetingDate <br />Prepared by <br />Mayor's review <br />Council review <br />06/24/19 <br />HK <br />I C14914 <br />ITEM INFORMATION <br />ITEM No. <br />4.D. <br />STAN-, SPONSOR: HENRY HASH <br />ORIGIN M, AGENDA DATE: 06/24/19 <br />AGENDA I rEM TITLE BNSF Intermodal Facility Access Project Update <br />CATEGORY 4 Discussion <br />06/24/19 <br />0 Motion <br />Mtg Date <br />0 Resolution <br />Mtg Date <br />0 Ordinance <br />Mig Date <br />E Bid Award <br />Mtg Date <br />• Public Hearing <br />0 Other <br />Mtg Date <br />MtA Date <br />Mtg Date <br />SPONSOR Council Major EIHR 0DC D Finance Fire ['ITS P&R Police PIF Court <br />SPONSOR'S In 2015, the City of Tukwila and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad jointly funded an <br />SUMMARY access study to determine a potential new route for truck traffic into the BNSF Intermodal <br />Yard. The draft report was produced in 2016, indicating the 48th Ave S Bridge as the <br />preferred alternative. The TM Committee recommended that the cost estimates in the <br />report be updated so that the City Council can finalize the preferred location. Council is <br />being asked to give direction on completing the study update, estimated up to $15K <br />REVIEWED BY <br />II i C.O.W. <br />Mtg. <br />B <br />CDN Comm <br />El Finance Comm. El Public Safety Comm <br />0 Parks Comm. 111 Planning Comm. <br />COMMITTEE CI IAIR: ZAK IDAN <br />Arts Comm. <br />18/ 19 <br />IA Trans &Infrastructure <br />DATE: 06/ <br />RECOMMENDATIONS: <br />SPONSOR/ADMIN. <br />COMMITIEE <br />Public Works Department <br />Unanimous Approval; Forward to Committee of the Whole <br />COST IMPACT / FUND SOURCE <br />EXPENDITURE REQUIRED <br />$TBD $0.00 $TBD <br />104 FUND BRIDGES AND ARTERIAL STREETS <br />Comments: <br />MTG. DATE <br />RECORD OF COUNCIL ACTION <br />06/24/19 <br />MTG. DATE <br />ATTACHMENTS <br />06/24/19 <br />Informational Memorandum dated 06 4 19 <br />Draft BNSF Intermodal Facility Access Study - Draft Alternative Screening Analysis <br />Draft BNSF Intermodal Facility Access Study - Preferred Alternative Outreach Summary <br />Minutes from the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting of 06/18/19 <br />55 <br />