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Attachment 01 <br />March 28, 2019 <br />VIA HAND DELIVERY <br />City of Tukwila Planning Commission <br />City of Tukwila <br />6300 Southcenter Blvd., #100 <br />Tukwila, WA 98188 <br />Re: Comments on Proposed Shoreline Master Program Update L.18-0075 <br />Dear Planning Commissioners; <br />This firm represents Segale Properties LLC ("Segale"). As you are likely aware, Segale controls the <br />large Tukwila South property, abutting the Green River, In 2009, Segale and the City entered into a long <br />term Development Agreement governing the future building on the Tukwila South property. After years of <br />construction to install all necessary infrastructure and re -grade the property for development, the Tukwila <br />South lands are finally ready to be marketed and are being actively reviewed for ground lease and/or sale for <br />commercial and residential development. <br />The Development Agreement vested the build out of the Tukwila South project, to the 2009 Tukwila <br />Municipal Code, except for the City's Shoreline Master Program. Al! development in Tukwila South is <br />required to comply with the Shoreline Master Program ("SMP") in effect on the date of each complete <br />permit application. Accordingly, the amendments currently under consideration are of great interest to <br />Segale. We also are keenly interested in the interplay of these SMP updates with the pending updates to the <br />Sensitive Areas Ordinance ("SAO"), and will provide comments on the SAO update in a subsequent letter. <br />We ask that you carefully review the following provisions of the SMP update, respond to our <br />questions, and we recommend that you include our requested revisions. Because the Tukwila South lands <br />are located in the Urban Conservancy Shoreline Environment, these comments focus on that area of the <br />proposed update. <br />1. Proposed 18.44.020, Principally Permitted Uses and Shoreline Use and Modification Matrix. <br />The matrix at section 18.44.020 includes "Flood Hazard Reduction" and "Shoreline Stabilization" as <br />uses that are Permitted in the Urban Conservancy Environment, and note 14 indicates that "Any new or <br />redeveloped levee shall meet the applicable levee requirements of this chapter." Segale agrees this is a wise <br />regulation. <br />rirOgenstkkairm-mmeafil <br />direct: (206) 254-4417 <br />{03700624.DOCX;2 } <br />9 <br />