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City of Tukwila <br />6200 Southcenter Boulevard, Tukwila WA 98188 <br />Agreement Number: <br />16 -126 <br />Council Approval 10/17/16 <br />AN INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE <br />CITY OF SEATTLE AND THE CITY OF TUKWILA <br />FOR HEARING EXAMINER SERVICES <br />THIS IS AN INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT between the City of Seattle, a Washington <br />municipal corporation acting through its Office of Hearing Examiner, hereinafter referred <br />to as "Seattle," and the City of Tukwila, a municipal corporation of the State of <br />Washington, hereinafter referred to as "Tukwila" for Tukwila's utilization of Seattle's <br />hearing examiner services. <br />WHEREAS, Tukwila is in need of the services of a hearing examiner; and <br />WHEREAS, Seattle has the experience, personnel and willingness to provide hearing <br />examiner services, and <br />WHEREAS, Tukwila has contracted with Seattle for hearing examiner services since <br />2005, <br />NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein, it is <br />mutually agreed by and between Seattle and Tukwila as follows: <br />1. AUTHORITY <br />This Agreement is made and entered into pursuant to Chapter 39.34 RCW, the <br />Interlocal Cooperation Act. <br />2. PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this Agreement is for Seattle to provide hearing examiner <br />services to Tukwila. <br />3. SCOPE OF SERVICES <br />Seattle shall provide hearing examiner services and accompanying support <br />services for Tukwila on an as needed basis. <br />4. COMPENSATION <br />4.1 Tukwila shall pay Seattle $115.00 per hour for Seattle's hearing examiner <br />services through December 31, 2017. Tukwila acknowledges that Seattle <br />may increase the hourly rate for hearing examiner services in 2018. In <br />such case, Tukwila shall pay such increased rate through December 31, <br />2018, provided the increased rate does not exceed $135.00 per hour. <br />Tukwila shall pay Seattle $30.00 per hour for any support services <br />requested by Tukwila. Seattle shall be reimbursed for any direct expenses <br />I st Qr z 0 �+n <br />